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Meet Chris

Brief Background

Chris has an absolute passion for cars, horses and all things fast.

Chris thoroughly enjoys going for horse races and predicting who the winning horse will be each time.

Pre & Post COLDSS

Before COLDSS, Chris tended to be violent towards his previous caretakers as he could sense that they were not really looking after his needs. Chris also tended to have seizures quite often as a result of this stress placed on him.

Ever since Chris joined COLDSS, Chris has improved his condition and do not longer show signs of violence. Remarkably, Chris has also had significantly less seizures compared to last time which has helped his general well-being.

Both the directors of COLDSS attribute this to giving Chris more time and patience, and most importantly, genuine care.

Interests and Hobbies

Race cars and horses.

Uniquely Me

I want to be a radio announcer for the race horses one day!

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