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Meet Jason

Brief Background

Jason is a happy-go-lucky person that loves outdoor activities and keeping active. Currently going to the gym twice a week, Jason enjoys keeping up an active lifestyle and spending quality time with his family.

Pre & Post COLDSS

Before COLDSS, Jason was in an unhappy state in his previous group home as he felt he wasn't being understood and often neglected.

Ever since COLDSS, Jason is now in a happier than ever state as the staff has made it a point to be more patient and understanding with him.

Having a hectic schedule, Jason's day would comprise mostly of outdoor activities be it at the gym or swimming. "Implementing a workout regime is critical to Jason's health as it allows him to strengthen the muscles on his legs and is part of what we incorporate here at Circles of Life" says Craig, the director of COLDSS.

Interests and Hobbies

Outdoor Activities: Gym, Swimming, Bowling

Spending Time With Family

Uniquely Me

I love singing!

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